Nova wireless flash is the perfect accessory for iPhone 6 Camera


iPhone 6 release is just two days far. As per its camera, it will be an 8 MP with dual-LED flash. Usually, iPhone camera is quite good for low light photography. Although, the LED flash is enough in most scenarios, however there are times when you certainly need some more lightning. Well, in such cases, Nova wireless flash is going to be perfect option!


So, what is Nova wireless flash? Well, it is a credit card sized device having 40 different embedded LEDs. The LEDS can be illuminated in number of ways through the companion iPhone app. The device is even thinner than previous iPhone 5S. You can easily place it in your wallets and pockets. Hence, a perfect portable solution for low lightning!


Have a look on some words from the company,

The standard iPhone flash can cause subjects to appear washed out or bring attention to imperfections by casting hard shadows, Nova’s flash illuminates the subject with natural skin tones, softer shadows and visible depth. It is a separate piece that pairs to your phone via Bluetooth. Simply connect to the free Nova app, point, and shoot.

To server the purpose, Nova wireless flash app has got various settings. You can adjust flash’ tones. You can select from modes like Gentle, Warm, Neutral and Bright. You can even make your own custom flash mode.


All you need is to connect your iPhone via Bluetooth with Nova wireless flash. The device has got built-in battery. It can be charged via USB cable. You will also get a leather case to hold the device.

The cool accessory only costs $59 at Amazon. Definitely, for such a perfect accessory, this price should not be your concern. Thanks to BiteMyApple for this handy accessory! Hopefully, more such accessories will come so don’t miss to catch them only on TheNerdMag!