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A few weeks ago, a friend came back from a road trip to Grindelwald, Switzerland. He shared a dazzling video of his trip. I was simply amazed. The video was actually a bird-eye view of his route in animated style. Much like footage by a drone following you. But it also showed the selfies and video glimpses he took while traveling. The app he used is called Traverous. So, I set out to explore more.



Traverous is an automated travel journal app. “Automated”, because it requires minimum effort from your side to put together your travel journals. Unlike traditional travel journal apps; where you have to resort to the old ways of jotting down every place you visit and a boring method of pinning photos on a static map.

Traverous is also a social community of travelers. You can connect with other travelers, share your travel journals and watch travel journal videos of other travelers to get inspiration for the next places you wanna visit. The Traverous app is available for Android and iPhone.

Travel Feed

When you login to the app, your app’s home shows the Travel Feed, it is where you can watch and interact with video travel journals of other travelers who shared their videos with Traverous community.


In the discover section, you can watch Featured Travel Journals and connect with top travelers on Traverous.

How to record travel journal with Traverous app?

Making Traverous style travel journal videos of your travels is straight forward. Before you start your trip, make sure to login to the app if you are not already and then


Step 1: Press the big red Record button in the center

Traverous Step 1


Step 2: Press start. Allow the app to record your location using GPS

Traverous Step 2

While recording your journey, app only relies on GPS. You can turn internet off now if you want.


Step 3: Capture all the moments that you want to relive.

Traverous Step 3

Take Photos, Video glimpses and make Check-ins using the app while you are traveling.


Step 4: Press Stop button when you reach your destination

Traverous Step 4


Once you’ve reached your destination and stopped your journey, you can edit your media and also select the music you want to play in the background of your video.


I personally think that creators of this app have put a lot of thinking into the user experience. To date, thousands of travel journals have been shared on Traverous and the community growing fast. You can download Traverous for Android and for iPhone from app stores and start recording your travels.


You can watch my friend’s Journey to Grindelwald on Traverous Official Website.