Apple Will No Longer Be Using AMD GPUs For Their Upcoming ARM64 SoCs On macOS Computers

Apple ARM64 SoCs
Source: Apple

Earlier this year, there were reports that Apple had started manufacturing their own hardware for their upcoming macOS computers. Not only does this decrease the costs of Apple computers but also makes them more optimized. Apple has always wanted to manufacture their own hardware and it seems that we can expect that with the upcoming macOS computers. Previously, Apple had been using AMD GPUs on their macOS computers. However, recent reports show that Apple has now shifted towards their ARM64 SoCs, with their own GPUs.

According to a new slide, Apple has removed support for AMD GPUs on their macOS computers and is now pushing their Apple Silicon SoC. If this is true, then this is a massive step for Apple in the correct direction. Also, the Apple GPUs will feature a new architecture, Tile-Based Deferred Renderer. However, that isn’t all. If Apple chooses to go with this decision, it means the end for eGPU and Thunderbolt 3. Instead, Thunderbolt 3 will be replaced with USB 4.0.

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Apple ARM64 SoCs
Apple | WWDC 2020

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This news comes straight from Apple themselves so it’s certain! However, nothing is still definite. Over on Twitter, many users have expressed remorse over this news and many seem to be contented with Apple over their decision for the ARM64 SoCs. But, this will almost certainly have an impact on the cost of macOS computers. It also seems that Apple is on its way to manufacturing discrete GPUs as well. If that’s the case, then it can be revolutionary!

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