San Diego Comic Con 2017: List of Movies and TV Trailers

Comic Con 2017


This week is special for all movie and TV fans as San Diego Comic Con is happening. It’s the event where all the studios come together to release the news and trailers of their upcoming movies and TV shows. It helps all eagerly awaiting fans to know about the release date of their upcoming favorite movie and TV show.

For your satisfaction we have tried to collect all the important trailers of the event here so that you don’t need to go anywhere else. From Thor: Ragnarok to Stranger Things season 2 many intriguing and engaging trailers were released.

Here’s the list San Diego Comic Con 2017 Traielrs:

Comic Con 2017 Movies:

Thor: Ragnarok:

This movie has everything which a Marvel studio film wishes to deliver, action, thrill and warfare. Thor is the 3rd movie of the series, in the trailer Thor is seen fighting the ever raging Hulk as he has to survive plus defeat the all-powerful goddess of death Hela from destroying his home world and the Asgardian civilization. The movie hits theatres on the 3rd of November.

Justice League:

DC extended universe have released three movies until now and all have been a major Hit at the box office. Now they are planning to give Marvel studios a tough competition as they are releasing their 4th movie Justice League this fall. This is the 3rd trailer of the movie and it gives a clear indication about the roles of every hero and also tells us about the villain of the movie, the Skrulls.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie:

It is the 3rd movie of the franchise after The LEGO movie released in 2014 and The LEGO Batman movie released earlier this year. The trailer is jam packed with adventure, action and animation. It includes Jackie Chan as Master Wu and it is a movie where young master has to fight his warlord Dad and a cat to save his city Ninjago.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle:

This movie is highly awaited by the audience, it is the sequel to the 2014 Hit Kingsman movie. This movie provides you with everything with action to thrill. In this movie Kingsman headquarters are destroyed, in order to save the world they ally with a new secret service, Statesman of United states.

Pacific Rim: Uprising:

It is the sequel to the 2013 hit robotics movie Pacific Rim. If you are a fan of action and science fiction movies this is the one you need to watch. It will have everything from giant robots fighting beside humans against monstrous creatures. The movie will release in 2018.

Ready Player One:

This movie is directed by Hollywood’s best, Steven Spielberg. It is based on a novel written by Ernie Cline. This movie is based in future where a teenager finds himself competing against other contestants in a virtual world known as Oasis, they all are fighting to find the treasure of the games owner who has died and has left it as grand prize. If you want to watch a high chase action packed fantasy movie this is for you. It releases in March 2018.

Comic Con 2017 TV Shows:


Westworld is one of the highly rated TV shows of 2016, the first season which came out in 2016 was a major hit. Westworld is a futuristic park in which any person can have his fantasies fulfilled, no matter how illegitimate they may be. The second season want return until 2018 but for their fans HBO showed a teaser in comic con in which robotic uprising is seen with lots of dead bodies everywhere.

Stranger Things:

It was one of the most watched TV shows of 2016. In the first trailer of the season 2 it is seen that will is still feeling the aftershocks of coming back from Upside Down world. He feels that something big is coming their way and it will kill them. Eleven is also seen in a dangerous place. It is yet to be seen how the story folds as the show comes back in Halloween.

Star trek: Discovery:

Star trek: Discovery is one of the latest TV shows coming out this year. In the trailer Starfleet is seen battling against the Klingons, who are rising up to become a dominant force of the galaxy. The trailer had some great visuals and features and is creating hype. The show releases on September 24 and will have 15 episodes.

Marvel’s The Defenders:

It is a mini upcoming series of Netflix. One of the most highly anticipated TV shows of this year starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock / Daredevil, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and Finn Jones as Danny Rand / Iron Fist. All heroes have their own TV shows but in this series they come together to fight beside one another in order to save the New York City from a villain, The Hand.

Marvel’s Inhuman:

Marvel is constantly expanding their portfolio in the TV business and with Inhuman coming out this September it is all starting to look very good. In trailer the inhuman race, having distinct qualities, face a threat of being found by humans one day and getting killed. In order to avoid that they plan to attack the humans on Earth. The most interesting part is they have a giant teleporting dog.


It is a Sci-Fi series prequel to the Superman, set 200 years before him in his hometown. The teaser trailer shows his grandfather fighting to restore the honor of his family. The show will be released next year.

Duck tales:

It is an animated television series by Disney which will be releasing in 2017. The series serves as a reboot of the 1987 original series of the same name. In trailer Scrooge McDuck and his nephews travel around the world to found the lost city of Atlantis in order to search for its treasure and wealth. It is a long 16 hour flight and what will happen during this period no one knows.

The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead is a highly rated show which has a lot of fan following, it returns back on to the screen this October. The show which has been featured for the past 7 years has been a major hit and with the new trailer of season 8 coming out at comic con it is again going to be one hell of a ride as this season will be action packed and move at a fast pace.

Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones also known as Got is undoubtedly one of the best TV shows to be ever aired. It has everything a fan desires to watch from dragons to kingdom fighting for the glory. The series will end next year and fans are starting to get sad about this.

The first six seasons have been a great hit and is one of the most highly rated watched show of all time. Season 7 has already started but they have released a promo of the next episode earlier and it is getting fans quite excited. Will Daenerys be able to hold against Cersie or will Cersei gather all the forces she can to take out the mother of dragons and will Jon be able to save Westeros from the White Walkers all is yet to be seen. So stay tuned for this fully excited ride.