Rumor: Epic Store Exclusive New Batman Game Hinted by Fortnite Update Patch Notes

New Batman Game
Fortnite Gotham

Fortnite is one of the biggest games on the planet, and it’s only becoming bigger with each update, and the amount of content that comes with it. Now with tons of information, it seems that the new Batman game might just be headed to the Epic Games Store as well.

Epic Store Exclusive New Batman Game

Now, there are multiple leaks and hints that suggest that the latest collaboration between Fortnite and a prominent franchise, is going to be Batman.

Arkham Origins team basically confirming a new Batman Project

First off, there was a Twitter discussion between people involved in the making of Arkham Origins, including Roger Craig Smith that voiced Batman in Arkham Origins.

He, alongside Ryan Galletta and Gary Miereanu, pretty much confirmed that there’s something Batman-related going on, and will be revealed soon.

Upcoming Batman Collection for Epic Games Store

Now, moving on, Epic Games Store has been teasing a Batman Collection for their upcoming weekly free games. You can visit that here, and give it a look.

It seems to have almost every Batman game that has recently come out from Lego Batman to the Arkham Trilogy in the banner.

New Batman Game

Batman Themed Fortnite Update and Leaks

Now, the most interesting part of all this is the actual content that has been datamined from Fortnite’s latest update. There is tons of Batman content including cosmetics, and Gotham City itself.

Here’s everything leaked so far by Twitter users Lucas7Yoshi, FNBRLeaks, FortniteBRFeed, and SkinTrackerCom.

New Batman Game

New Batman Game

New Batman Game

This isn’t the first time a video game collaboration has happened with Fornite, as only a week ago we got one with Borderlands 3.

Fortnite has previously collaborated with Marvel as well, and now it seems it’s DC’s time.

We’re counting on the new Batman game to be announced at The Game Awards, but with the amount of content already leaked through Fortnite, we might just get an announcement sooner.

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