How to Reset the Restrictions Passcode on iPhone or iPad

iPhone has this really cool feature called Parental Controls or Restrictions that allow you to put password on the desired apps. Basically, this feature ensures security and privacy of the user. If somebody gains control of your phone by any means, they won’t be able to access the restricted apps. For instance, if you disable access to Camera, Location Services or Browser, you will have to use a passcode to access them. All you have to do is find Restrictions from your General Settings and set a passcode. Also, choose the features that you want locked. Where it have pros, it does have a con. In case you forget the Restrictions passcode, you have to reset your phone using iTunes. That way, all the data gets lost and by default, there is no other way to reset the Restrictions passcode on iPhone or iPad.

Resetting the iPhone and losing data can be a risky option for some people if they locked their Camera app. Luckily, some ways do exist that help you reset the passcode without losing your data. However, a highly functional tool called “Pinfinder” lets you reset the Restrictions passcode in a few simple steps. In actual, Pinfinder doesn’t work on Mac so you require a Windows PC to reset the password by this method. For Mac users, there is another tool called iBackBot that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Both the tools let you regain your lost passcodes. For your ease, the guide for both method is right below. Follow the simple steps and thank us later!

Reset the Restrictions passcode through Pinfinder; Windows

For the Pinfinder method, you need to have iTunes installed on the Windows PC.

Step 1: Open ITunes in Windows PC.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device with PC.

Step 3: Backup all your data and disable the Encrypt backup option.

Step 4: Download Pinfinder in your PC. Download it from the link below.

 Step 5: Afterwards, run the tool on your Windows PC after installation.

Step 6: Right click on the Start button and open Command Prompt. Afterwards, drag the Pinfinder icon in the Command Prompt window. Run it by pressing Return.

Reset the Restrictions passcode on iPhone

That’s all! You will see your Restrictions passcode there. Also, it shows the last date it was reset.

Reset the Restrictions passcode on iPhone through iBackBot; Mac

Consequently, this method is a little long and it requires patience. For your ease, the guide is right below.

Step 1: Connect your phone with iTunes in your Mac.

Step 2: Backup your data and make sure you disable the Encrypt backup option.

Step 3: Download the tool from this link; iBackBot.

Step 4: Afterwards, move the downloaded tool to the Applications folder.


Step 5: Launch the app and wait while it gets hold of all your information.

Step 6: After it opens, reach to the ‘System files’ option. Afterwards, click on ‘HomeDomain’.

system files

Step 7: Reach out to ‘Library’


Step 8: Click on ‘Preferences’


Step 9: Afterwards, search for this file in iBackBot window and open it.

Search file.

Step 10: A pop up will show up and it will ask for your registration information. Click on OK twice and then Click on cancel.

Registration info

Step 11: Open this link in a new browser window;

Step 12: Return to iBackBot and copy the codes that are shown under RestrictionsPasswordKey and RestrictionsPasswordSalt.

copy code copy code.

Step 13: Open the iOS7hash Window again and paste the codes in required fields.

Step 14: Type 0000 in the Starting passcode and 9999 on the last search code.


Step 15: Click on ‘Search for Code’

Code popup.

That’s all. A pop up will flash open with your code written on it.

Above are the two easy ways to reset your Restrictions passcode. Amazingly, you don’t face any data loss in both the process. Also, the methods are fast and reliable. However, you may have to observe a little patience for the second one. Do tell us how it worked for you!