PTCL Internet Packages 2019: More Download and Upload Speed in Same Price, Here is How

PTCL Internet Packages 2019:
PTCL Internet Packages 2019:

PTCL the giant internet service provider in Pakistan just recently upgraded their network bringing faster download and upload speeds to your homes. PTCL announced in the bloggers’ meetup at X2 Cafe in Lahore that 100 major exchanges across the country will be transformed. If the exchange is upgraded, it can result in better upload speeds. Now with the start of 2019 PTCL has revised their internet packages and apparently, you can now upgrade to a new, better speed for free and here’s how you can do that.

PTCL Internet Packages 2019 Details

Higher download and uploads speed means better performance overall, whether you are browsing or are annihilating enemies in PUBG or any multiplayer game. You don’t wanna play with high pings right? Well, I got some good news. If you haven’t called customer care number for to upgrade your internet package for free then you can do that right now.

PTCL is converting older technology like ADSL to a new better technology VDSL for better upload speeds.


  • Speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 100Mbps*
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • GPON fiber optic connectivity
  • VDSL


Here are the advantages you will avail after upgrading

  • PTCL Broadband service is available in more than 2000 cities and towns across the country.
  • High-speed broadband data rate is now more affordable than ever before
  • Seamless experience when streaming and downloading movies, TV shows, and music files
  • Access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet
  • Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers
  • Wi-Fi modem (Smart Spot) included on all new connections
  • Free PTCL Smart TV App
  • Free Unlimited On-Net Calls

Upgrading the Upload Speed

If you have an ADSL connection dial 1218 or visit the nearest PTCL Shop or PTCL Distributor. If you are going to call just ask the person to upgrade your internet upload speed. He will then forward your inquiry and in 24 hours the PTCL technical department will contact you about the upload speed and yep you will avail this without having to pay a single rupee.

Upgrading the Download Speed

Here are the new prices of the internet connections

PTCL Internet Packages 2019:

In order to get increased speed, all you have to do is call 1218. Your current package will be upgraded to the new one at the same price. So for example, if you are on 10mbps you can upgrade to 15mbps. PTCL will not automatically do that. Also, if you don’t want to upgrade your package you will still pay according to new 2019 tariff

New Connection Charges Details

  •  Installation charges of a new internet connection (over existing Landline): Rs. 2,499 inclusive of Tax.
  • Installation charges of a new Double Play (Landline+Internet) or Triple Play (Landline + Internet + Smart TV): Rs. 5,000 inclusive of Tax.

GPON Installation Charges:

*Freedom Unlimited default package unless another package is selected.

  1. New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection installation charges are upfront PKR. 15,000/-
  2. GPON is available in selected areas. Call helpline for details.
  3.  Above packages are also available in some other few selected revamped exchanges as well as for DSL/VDSL.
  4. Conversion charges for Existing Copper connection to GPON upfront are PKR. 7,500/-

How to buy/Upgrade?

If you are interested in upgrading or getting a new connection dial 1218 or visit your nearest PTCL Shop or PTCL Distributor.

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