Kingdom Hearts 3 Save Game location on PC (Epic Games Launcher)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Save Game location
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out on PC through the Epic Games Store. While originally a console exclusive, Square Enix has not only brought Kingdom Hearts 3 but a good chunk of past titles on PC. The titles have launched exclusively on the Epic Games Store for now though, but after a year or so, we expect those to be available on other clients like Steam and GOG as well. The series has seen tons of entries available across a variety of consoles, and it can become a bit daunting. If you want to access the Kingdom Hearts 3 Save Game location, here is how.

The games have launched at a discounted price, but aren’t exactly available as a package. Getting them all can be a bit expensive right now, especially when it’s far cheaper on the console. The PC version does have its benefits though, like higher resolution, and unlocked framerate options. Based on user impressions, it’s also a very solid port overall, with no real technical issues.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Save Game location

Players that want to access their save data, to back it up, or even delete it can easily do so. The game does not feature cloud saving, and that means your best bet is to keep that data safe by backing it up after a few sessions. There haven’t been any reports of save corruption, but it’s better to be safe, just in case. To access the save game location, follow the steps below.

  • Open Windows Run, by either pressing Windows + R keys or searching for it in Windows Search
  • Enter the following location, and press Enter
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\KINGDOM HEARTS III\Epic Games Store\SaveGames

That’s pretty much it. You data will be in Save Games folder. You can back it up, or delete it if you want.

Kingdom Hearts 3 on Epic Games Launcher

The game is 20% off as part of the launch discount, and you can purchase it at the following link.

It is possible that future Square Enix titles might also come to Epic Games Store first. We hope that isn’t the case as PC players should have the choice of choosing their storefront and client. It provides an easier way to sort their library, and get the regional prices they want.

Are you playing the game? How is your experience with it so far? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.