How to unlock Tart Tycoon in Fortnite

If you’re familiar with the turf war currently ensuing between Epic Games, Apple and Android, you’re well aware of the iconic 1984 parody video which shows an Apple-like figure being shown. That skin will be available as a cosmetic item in the upcoming #FreeFortnite Cup that will take place on the 23rd of August. The catch? It’s going to be a sweat-fest. However, if you’re looking for How to unlock Tart Tycoon in Fortnite, there is an easy way.

How to unlock Tart Tycoon in Fortnite – The easy route

If you’re looking to unlock the highly sought after Tart Tycoon cosmetic skin and have no interest in the other prizes, this post is just for you.

How to unlock Tart Tycoon in Fortnite

The cosmetic requires 10 points to unlock and there are only 3 ways to score in the tournament.

  • 1 point for an elimination
  • 1 point for every 3 minutes survived
  • 10 points for a victory royale.

If you’re confident that you’re not going to be scoring for a Victory Royale anytime soon, take an easier approach, adapt stealth.

The Plan

Queue up for the tournament when it’s available. Make sure you do so by going to the ‘Compete‘ tab on your home screen.

When the match starts, ride out the bus all the way to the end and immediately deploy the glider. The objective here is to stay in the air for as long as possible.

This is where your first 3 minutes are easily spent, and while you’re in the air, you’ll need to slowly plan your landing. Try to go someplace isolated that is far out of the circle. Take your time to loot for weapons and shields.

Once you have a loadout that will give you a fighting chance should you need to fight, now is the time to wait. Only move when the storm is starting to close in, 30 seconds from the countdown.

Your ideal path would be to crouch walk all the way the edge of the circle and try to look for a looted house or a bush. If you have any cosmetics that have a good green colored ones, I would highly advise using those.

Ideally, you’re looking to waste time. By this technique, you should be able to outlast 3-4 storm phases before the circle becomes small enough where hiding is difficult.

All you have to do is rack up 30 minutes of survival time in 3 minute increments. Your score will show on your homescreen, so once you have racked up 10 points, feel free to go to your regular game modes.

It has been confirmed that the skin will be available for anyone, in any region, as long as they earn 10 points in the tournament.