How to Setup PS4 Dual Shock Controller with Gyro in CEMU 1.19.0d

Dual Shock Controller with Gyro in CEMU
DS 4 Controller for PS4

Wii U emulation is possible and works quite well with the highly popular CEMU emulator. It is a highly customizable emulator, and you can push Wii U games to the limit using this. You can also emulate Wii U controllers by plugging in your own Xbox or PS controllers. Sadly, Windows doesn’t natively support Dual Shock controllers, so here’s how you can setup Dual Shock Controller with Gyro in CEMU 1.19.0d.

We will be going over the input section of CEMU in this guide. After this, your Dual Shock 4 controller will work while you play on CEMU. Make sure to follow our CEMU coverage to get the best performance out of our PC.

Setup PS4 Dual Shock Controller with Gyro in CEMU

Before we start the main guide, it is recommended that you go through our detailed initial set up guide for CEMU. That will bring you up to speed, and this will be an additional step. You can read it in the link below.

After you are done with this, we can finally start our setup for the Dual Shock 4 controller on CEMU.

Download DS4Windows

By default, Windows doesn’t naively support the Dual shock 4 controller, and you will need this software for it to be detectable by CEMU.

  • Download the setup from the official DS4Windows webpage
  • Extract the zip file using Winrar or 7zip
  • Run DS4Windows.exe
  • Connect your Dual Shock 4 controller, and click on Install ViGEmBus Driver
Install ViGEmBus Driver
  • Restart your PC, and after that your controller should light up and show up in DS4Windows
Controller Detected
  • Now, head over to settings, and check the UDP Server option. This will ensure that other applications can make use of Gyro controls.
Dual Shock Controller with Gyro in CEMU
Enable UDP Server

Configure Input Settings in CEMU

After your controller is being detected in DS4Windows, we can now head over to CEMU.

  • Navigate to options and then Input Settings, as shown below
Input Settings
  • Now, select Controller 1. For the first controller, make sure you select the Emulated Controller as a Wii U Gamepad. For every other setting, you can just copy what we’ve done below
Dual Shock Controller with Gyro in CEMU
  • After you are done with the button mapping, give the profile a name, as we have in the image above
  • Hit Save and it will be ready to use for your Wii U games
  • To add another controller, do the same steps, but make sure you set the Emulate Controller as a Wii U Pro Controller

Enable Gyro Controls

  • Finally, to enable Gyro controls, you’ll need to navigate to Options
  • Here, hover over GamePad motion source, and select the connected DS 4 controller
  • Now, check the By Slot option, and Dual Shock 4’s gyro option will