GT Racing 2 is now Available on Windows Phone

GT Racing 2 Windows Phone

GT Racing 2 by Gameloft is being available on Android and iOS, but finally Gameloft decided to launch it on Windows Phone now. It not entire a new game though but it’s worth playing specially when you have played game like Asphalt on Windows Phone then you defiantly want to try it.

GT Racing 2 demo

The games comes with 67 cars with 13 tracks to play on. Over 30 manufacturers are present in GT Racing 2 and players will be able to sit in the driving seat of vehicles from Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and more. Then there are 1400 events, which include classic races, one-on-ones, knockouts and overtakes.

GT Racing 2 gameplay

When it comes to graphics the new physics engine is used for more realistic driving. Moreover the different weather conditions and different time of day just improves energy of the game. The best part of the game lies when you are bore while playing single player and career mode you can switch to multiplayer matches. Where you can race against any friends of yours or different people around the world.

When you play like a pro in the game then you are always having a garage to fill up cars and improve their modification. GT Racing 2 runs smooth on Windows Phone without any lag or glitch. But user required 1GB of minimum RAM to run the game on the Windows Phone. Plus you need a definite Wi-Fi to download the game as its solid 1007MB download. Besides it’s free to download.

Catch it here for Windows Phone

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