How to Fix Road 96 Launch Issues on PC (Steam)

Road 96

Road 96 is a road trip simulator developed by Digixart developers. It’s a narrative-based adventure game that takes you down to a series of highways with some high stakes on the way. It is a very consistently captivating journey with procedurally generated repeat runs that take you to its final destination.

The game is just launched and you might be facing some issues launching the game properly. If you are one of those people who are unable to launch the game on your PC, you are at the right place. We have some fixes which you may try to fix the Road 96 launch issues on your PC.

Fixing Road 96 Launch Issues on PC

Here are some methods which you can try to fix the Road 96 launch issues on Windows PC

Method #1 Run As Administrator

  • Your game might not be launching because it may be missing administrative access. So just launch the game as administrator by right-clicking the launch icon and clicking on “Run as administrator” as shown in the image below.

Method#2 Turn Off your Anti Virus

  • You should turn off your antivirus before installing the game as the anti-virus takes some safe files as viruses and prevents them from running. So try turning your anti-virus off and then launching installing and launching the game.

Method#3 Verify File Integrity to Fix Road 96 Launch Issues

  • Verifying the file integrity solves a number of issues related to the launching of games. As some files might get corrupted during the download process and file integrity will re-download the corrupted files. To verify the file integrity, go to the properties of the game by right-clicking the game on Steam. then go to “LOCAL FILES” and click on “Verify integrity of game files”. If the problem persists, uninstall and download the game again.

Method#4 Close All Running Programs

  • This is also important as some programs interfere with the game files. So make sure to close all running programs before you launch your game.

Method#5 Update Your Graphic Drivers

  • This is one of the most common solutions for launch issues of most games. If your Road 96 launch issue persists, try updating the graphic drivers for your GPU. It works for most gamers. You can search your respective GPU drivers from the links below.

Method#6 Restart Your PC to Fix Road 96 Launch Issues

  • Restarting a PC works like magic sometimes. Most of the problems of a Windows PC just go away by restarting it. if none of the above methods work, restart your PC and try launching the game again. It probably will work flawlessly.

More about the Road 96

As mentioned above, Road 96 is a road trip simulator. During the trip, you come across different adventures and meet new people. A lot of care has been taken to keep the adventures as interesting as possible. You come across different life and death situations during the trip and the game even simulates the general road trip things like who would take control of the car radio to switch between songs.

The choices you make during the road trip shape the game’s eventual outcome. So you’ll have to be very careful while making choices and you might want to play the game more than once to see different outcomes. There are also a healthy amount of fun side activities to keep your interest in the game. Like there are bartender minigames to earn extra cash, and driving a stolen car.

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