Google Unveils Android 4.3

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Android an open source operating system for smartphones have really emerged as one of the most popular OS for smartphones and devices. The reason beyond this is its simple interface and the developer i.e. Google that has captured most of the Web.

Google today announced the release of the new Android 4.3. Its upcoming device ‘upgraded Nexus 7’ will be powered by the new Android 4.3. Don’t expect any sort of dramatic change however minor improvements are made. So we can say that Android 4.3 can still be regarded as Android Jelly Bean.Nexus-7-Android-4.3

Talking about the upgrades made to the new Android, the top improvement is the integration of Bluetooth Smart that can be called as ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’. This integration will reduce the consumption of battery by Bluetooth.


‘User Profiles’ feature that was integrated in Android 4.2 has also undergone important update. The update is the addition of Parental Controls in order to restrict users from using certain services. Parents can now use this tool to limit the access of their children on the device.Android 4.3 JB

There are two additions that will encourage the developers in making 3rd party apps. The number one is the improvement in the DR framework that will bring certain profiling tools and notification access. The second one is the integration of OpenGL/ES 3.0. This feature will allow much better graphics rendering hence enhancing the graphics of device. It will enable the game graphics to improve a lot.restricted-profiles-adnroid-4.3

So that’s all until now. We will keep informing you about the new features as Google keep rolling them. So go and grab the new Nexus 7 to test the new device and of course the new Android 4.3.