6.1-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone X (2018) Design Leaked by Dummies

iPhone X (2018) Design
Apple iPhone X

Last year we saw the most innovative and groundbreaking Apple iPhone design since the conception of the whole iPhone saga. The iPhone X took the media by storm when it came out in Oct of 2017. it was all the rage and everyone wanted a glimpse of the new phone. It is incredulous to think of the evolution Apple has gone through both in terms of design and technology when we compare the latest iPhone with the first ever that was released in 2007. A decade of innovation has led Apple to this point, non-existent bezzles, top of the line camera hardware and a plethora of other features. One begins to think what is next for Apple, and to answer that we may have something for you, iPhone X (2018) Design might have allegedly leaked online recently. The leak surfaced on Slashleaks twitter profile.

Slashleaks recently posted what seems to be an updated iPhone X design. The pictures show the front and back side of the alleged new phones. Although we can’t vouch for the leak hundred percent at the same time you never know what may become true and what is just a hoax.


on the back, we can see that one of the models, which is also the bigger one in terms of display size, features a dual camera set up while the smaller one boasts a single camera.

iPhone X (2018) Design

The above picture again shows 2 phones, one bigger one smaller, the bigger one has a display size of 6.5 inches while the smaller one has a size of 6.1 inches. unfortunately, we can’t really tell how the bezel situation is on the phones as the display is turned off and the bezels are inconspicuous.

It’s an exciting news but one that should be taken with a pinch of salt. We will let you know when more info becomes available so make sure to check back TNM.

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