$22 worth iOS Apps that went free today, get it now!

iOS Apps free

Once again we’re back with another set of iOS Apps that have gone free today for iPhone and iPad. Lastly we told you about $113 worth apps that went on free.  Below are the 8 iOS Apps that you will find interesting and will be added to your collections even when the offers expires.

Kuvva Wallpapers:

Kuvva Wallpapers iOS Apps

This app provides you many different wallpapers papers and many different backgrounds. You can have a look on different sections for different wallpapers and backgrounds. The original price of the app was $1.99. This App is for iPhone. Click here to download it for free.

Dr. Panda’s Home:

Dr. Panda’s Home iOS Apps

This $2.99 app is for free now. If you are having children at home at are always running around here and there, it is a pretty good game to entertain them with.  Be sure you download it and let them enjoy as it’s free. Available both for iPhone and iPad. Click here to download.

HT Professional Recorder:

HT Professional Recorder iOS Apps

The most expensive app that went free today is the HT Professional Recorder. Initially the app cost about $6.99 and now it’s free and can be used on both iPhone and iPad. This sound recording app has everything you require of a professional voice recorder. To download on iPhone, and for iPad.

Tower of Fortune:

Tower of Fortune iOS Apps

An addictive low graphic game that cost $0.99 went free today. The graphics seems like 2D but it’s nice. Rating are high and the game is chosen as one of the best for iPhone and iPad. It’s amazing when ready to play. Click here to download.


Powerguard iOS Apps

As the name says it is there for you to save your iPhone battery. It caters different departments with your help and save battery. The $0.99 app went free today. Try out this app you will find it handy. Click here to download.

Gun Movie FX:

Gun Movie FX iOS Apps

This $4.99 went free today and is thrilling. With this app, you can add a multitude of gun sounds and effects to your videos, and the practicality achieved is quite spectacular. Click here to download.

Cleaner Pro:

Cleaner Pro iOS Apps

Cleaner Pro is available for both iPhone and iPad which used to cost $0.99. This iOS app comes handy when you are facing multiple contacts problem. You can also merge multiple contacts which are saved under same name. Give it a try I know everyone wants this app. Click here to download.


Pippit iOS Apps

The $1.99 app is very much useful and now it’s free. This interesting concept lets you share news, or tidbits of information discovered from all over the Web. Saves your time and make everything share quickly as possible. Click here to download.