WhatsApp for Windows Phone got Updated with Calling Feature


Hi Everyone, we are very excited to annouce that WhatsApp for Windows Phone have just Update a moment ago (11:05 am) 6/25/2-15. The version is update to v2.12.60.0. With this New update it have enabled user to get hands on its famous Calling feature that was introduced in Android and iPhone couple of months back. We tried calling some of our friends to check for the bug and the call quality and it ended up grade. Simply no bug and the call quality was great. Here are some of the screenshot of the all new Whatsapp interface.


Before getting any further we would like Windows Phone users to update there Whatsapp as quickly as possible and enjoy the all new calling feature. If you are still not having the Whatsapp on you Windows Phone click here or use the qrcode to download it directly from the store.