VLC Media Player app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 itches towards its release

More than a year and a half has passed since the release of Metro-styled Windows i.e. Windows 8. One and a half month back, an upgrade to Windows 8 i.e. Windows 8.1 was released. Although it has been a quite long time since the metro-styled Windows appeared, still the metro-styled Windows lack a video player app allowing you to play all the video formats.

Here is a great news regarding video player for metro-styled Windows. It seems that one of the best desktop media player i.e. VLC Media Player will be soon available Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows Phone. The desktop version of VLC Media Player for metro-styled Windows is already available but there is no metro-styled app for this purpose.


A year back, a project was started for the development of VLC Media Player app for metro-styled Windows. The project was funded by users via Kickstarter. The updates were released by the community at regular intervals but after some time, the updates got missing. But now, a new update is released regarding the project that confirms the arrival of VLC Media Player app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.


The team is currently working on VLC Media Player app for ‘WinRT’ which includes Windows 8, Windows Phone and even Xbox One. Here are the features the new VLC Media Player app will contain:

  • Support for all usual VLC formats, including MKV and FLAC
  • Audio
  • Video, (with correct aspect ratios)
  • Basic subtitles support
  • File and network stream support
  • A simple, but working UI
  • Passing the WACK certification
  • Working on Windows 8 and 8.1


VLC is now planning to release the app in Windows Store. Recently, VLC announced that it has managed to crack the code that causes the delay. The code was regarding the Audio-Video working on Metro-styled user interface. Previously, an audio bug resulted in the rejection of app from Windows Store. VLC is now making all such fixes.


So, we can expect a VLC Media Player app for Windows 8 in coming months. As far as an app for Windows Phone is concerned, you need to wait much longer as still things are messed up regarding Touch interface of smartphones.