Upgrade your Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10

After the release of Windows 10 over 15 million people upgraded their PC and Laptops to Windows 10 within 24 hours. This was the biggest ever achievement Microsoft ever came across in terms of getting people on the latest OS version in short time. So after Windows 10 now windows phone users that are using Windows Phone 8.1 OS on their Lumia or Microsoft Handsets are expecting the release of Windows Phone 10 OS. So when the official update of Windows Phone 10 is going to release? Well Microsoft haven’t told that yet. Rumors are heard that an event would be help especially for Windows Phone 10 OS plus some devices are expected as well.

Windows Phone user can still get Windows Phone 10 Mobile update on their handsets. Some people are already running it. But the good thing about the new update is that it’s much stable than the previous updates that people received. Most of the bugs are fixed. Like SMS bug, Application crashing bug and many more. So let’s see how we can get Windows Phone 10 OS on our Windows handsets. Just follow the following instructions:Windows 10 Mobile

  1. Open Windows Phone Store and in the search bar type “Windows Insider” (Store Img of WI app)
  2. Open the Windows Insider app and install it.
  3. Open the Installed application, if you have this app for the first time you need to place you Microsoft account credential to proceed. Otherwise in some case you will be directly taken to main menu.
  4. You will see a button named as “Get Preview Builds” Click it and wait till it moves to next page
  5. Here you will find two major Windows Insider programs, “Insider Slow” and “Insider Fast
  6. In Insider Slow program you will get prerelease builds of Windows 10, but you will get them a little after Insiders who select to receive Fast updates. This could mean that more solutions are available for issues.
  7. In Insider Fast program you will get prerelease builds of Windows 10 ahead of everyone else. This means you will see new things sooner, but there may be fewer solutions available for issues.
  8. Now it’s up to you what you prefer. If you guy want recommendation on which program you should get your hands. So I would prefer get Insider Slow program as it’s more stable than the Insider Fast program.
  9. So click the program that you like or best suits you and then the update will be downloaded and it would be installed on your Windows handsets

Note if you can’t find Windows Insider application on your Store then it means that your device is not capable or Microsoft haven’t provided updates for your handset still. So wait for it. Enjoy Windows 10.