Ubisoft May Announce Far Cry 6 Gameplay at E3 2018

TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage
TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage

UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like Far Cry 6 skipped an announcement even though it was strongly speculated due to the Walmart leak.

Are you a fan of Far Cry? Was the previous entry into the franchise not explosive enough for you? Well have no fear, the new Far Cry 6 E3 trailer is here! Ubisoft have just revealed the Far Cry 6 E3 2018 trailer, at their conference at the E3 2018 event held in Los Angeles.

It was rumored that the game would be revealed at E3. Many debated over what would be the setting of the new game and what would the world in it be like. Well, those questions are finally answered by the new Far Cry 6 E3 2018 trailer.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay on Xbox, PS4 and PC (Not Announced)


Far Cry games have always been noted for their attention to detail, in terms of the destruction of the environment, this game is no exception. It isnt just detailed, it also follows the trend that the Far Cry games have set: distant exotic locations, dangerous foes, all sorts of mayhem and carnage. The new game picks up from where its predecessors left, and then moves itself in an even more destructive path.

Far Cry 5 was the last game released in the franchise, and has since garnered mostly positive reviews. Although released just this year in 2018, it already feels old, owing to the fact that it even has a new DLC. What are your thought on the new Far Cry game. Did the Far Cry 6 E3 2018 trailer get you riled up? Let us know in the comment section down below.