How To Transfer Nintendo Switch Screenshots to Android/iOS Smartphone Easily

VR Mode found in the Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

If you have a Nintendo Switch and you find difficulties managing your screenshots and you want them in your smartphone, follow the steps below and they will guide you how to easily transfer Nintendo Switch screenshots to Android/iOS smartphones.

(This guide will be for iOS if you’re an Android user, try changing to Google Photos on the iOS photos step.)

Transfer Nintendo Switch Screenshots to Android or iOS

To transfer Nintendo Switch Screenshots to your Android/iOS device just follow these basic steps.

  1. First, you will need a Twitter account for your Switch along with an IFTTT account
  2. For iOS, you can download the IFTTT app from Here.
  3. For Android, you can download the IFTTT app from Here.
  4. After downloading, make an account and skip the introduction or you can watch it.
  5. At the bottom right corner of the screen go to “My Applets” and press “+” icon to create an applet.
  6. Select the “this” button and look for Twitter (Facebook may also work).
  7. After you are shown the list of options for Twitter, select “New link by you”. It will then ask for you to log into your Twitter account. Log in and then press “create trigger”.
  8. On the “that” button, you will want to search for iOS photos. Select “Add photos to album” make sure that the link URL is in the “Photo URL” box, and rename the album to your liking.
  9. After clicking finish, try sharing one of your screenshot for Switch to that Twitter account. It should appear in your photos app in the album you named. Like this.

Nintendo Switch doesn’t allow screenshots or any sort of data to be transferred easily, which is why we’ve told you a method above, we’re not exactly sure why there are restrictions like this, but we assume it’s to ensure that the console doesn’t get affected by any sort of virus.

If you want to know how to transfer save files, you can head here to check that out.

Did you try the method mentioned above? Share your results below.