Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp Are Now Available for Free

WhatsApp recently released an update that allowed for stickers to be shared on their app. While the stickers selection is sparse offering only Facebook messenger stickers. Telegram saw an opportunity and took it, but they were anything but subtle about it.

Telegram is a messaging app that might not have the same popularity as WhatsApp but has more features. It has had sticker support long before WhatsApp but the app saw the opportunity of WhatsApp’s narrow selection of stickers and extended an olive branch by putting their own stickers on the Play Store for WhatsApp users to download.

Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp are anything but subtle

They did, however, include some fun conversation samples in the screenshots of the stickers section.

You can download the stickers for free by clicking the link below. You can then open the app and add the sticker of your choice from within the app.

WhatsApp Stickers – Telegram

WhatsApp Stickers – Halloween

While Stickers are a better form of expression over emoji, its good to have some variety in stickers over the stock stickers. Albeit Telegram does take a few liberties at taking a few fun jabs at WhatsApp while doing it. Telegram is a better messaging app from a lot of aspects. The app has better security options, doesn’t sell your data for ads, doesn’t need your phone connected to the internet to continue using the app in the browser and much more.
WhatsApp remains popular because it has been a staple of the Google Play Store since the dawn of Android. It has since then built-up a solid foundation on its userbase that has made them loyal and unwilling to switch their chat lifestyle to a new app.
WhatsApp was bought out by Facebook and while the app doesn’t actually sell your data to advertisers, nor does it push ads to you. It is still fun to see competitors have a few pokes at each other.
WhatsApp really does have a lack of availability of quality stickers available in the PlayStore, and we hope that they make it easier and more accessible for users to download stickers from within the app.