Streaming PC Games to Nintendo Switch Now Possible With Homebrew

Streaming PC Games to Nintendo Switch
Tomb Raider on Nintendo Switch via Streaming

We’ve previously talked about in-detail about how powerful the Nintendo Switch is, and with its hardware, the possibilities of homebrew applications, emulations and more, are endless. Now, it seems that an even more insane homebrew application has been made available that allows Streaming PC Games to Nintendo Switch.

Streaming PC Games to Nintendo Switch via Homebrew

Basically, the application, which was released yesterday, allows users to stream their desktop on their Switch device, via the local connection, which is your Wifi, so it depends upon how well the internet connection is and how much the latency is.

After installing the application on your PC, and in your Switch, you’ll be able to connect your PC to your Switch via Wifi, your desktop will appear on your PC, after which you can run any game, and the app will emulate your joycons as an Xbox 360 controller, which is basically xinput.

So not only is this application turning your Switch device into a streaming device, but it’s also allowing you to use the Switch’s button layout as your controller.

Here are more features of this application

  • Stream PC audio to Switch
  • Option to disable Switch Overclocking
  • MacOS and Linux Support
  • Showing Switch IP in-app
  • Multi-controller support
  • Mouse emulation
  • More efficient threading
  • GPU encoding on PC

Here are some images shared by users online

Streaming PC Games to Nintendo Switch
Bioshock Infinite on Nintendo Switch via Streaming
Streaming PC Games to Nintendo Switch
Tomb Raider on Nintendo Switch via Streaming

People have managed to play Devil May Cry 4 SE and GTA V on their Switch through this method as well

Obviously, this requires Homebrew, so we don’t exactly recommend this as TheNerdMag doesn’t affiliate itself with promoting piracy, this post is meant to be taken as news only, and the capabilities of the Switch’s hardware.

TheNerdMag does not support or recommend Homebrew or any form of piracy, for the sake of legitimacy and the health of your device, this post is meant only as news.

This basically functions like Steam Link, which is an amazing application by Valve, that lets you stream your games on your Android devices via your local internet connection.

What do you think about this homebrew application allowing Streaming PC Games to Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.