Selena Gomez getting Wet in Poolside Photo Shoot

Recently a sexy shoot of Selena Gomez took place for the Instyle cover. The news is in air now a days and everyone seems to be gossiping about it. In the shoot, Selena was wearing a one piece swimsuit in swimming pool that exhibit plenty of cleavage. Selena Gomez was making fascinating moves and photographer was complimenting by saying her cute to admire her magic of attractive move of slicking back her locks. The best assignment of work had given to the assistant, who has job of soaking the water out of her and clean it during the shots and he was beside the poolside. The video which is uploaded on Instagram was made by her make up artist. And Selena was heard saying “it’s slippery” with her sweet and lovely voice. Due to the slippery surface a little portion was dried to keep her balance. This video has many viewers that are praising her beauty as she is creating magic while shooting. A lot of people were working for the shoot that includes camera men, hair and makeup artists, lightening crew and many others. Nine pros are tagged in this video that was making efforts for perfection.

Selena has a pink flower resting on her necklace that fell out on the water and she picked it up and put it in her mouth. The stylist then came quickly and tried to fix it again on the necklace, as it is the luckiest flower that is resting on her wet body.

Even her boyfriend admires her and said that he loved Selena’s shoot. He also posted a black n white photo of Selena on her Snapchat and wrote ‘XO’ as he was showing that he is proud of her.

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