The rise of Cali Cartel in the new trailer of Narcos Season 3

‘Narcos’ a critically acclaimed hit series by Netflix has been successfully running for the past two seasons, with the death of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura), once the most powerful drug lord and the richest criminal of the world the series is just not over yet.

The official trailer for the season 3 of the series has been released by Netflix in New York on Thursday and already it is creating a lot of buzz. The death of Pablo has brought Medellin cartel to an end but a new cartel, Cali cartel is rising in Colombia. This organization turns out to be the biggest in the history of drug business and it is run by 4 powerful drug lords who have such way of doing the work that they have kept their identities hidden.

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela (Damian Alcazar) is the cartel’s leader, Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela (Francisco Denis) being the brains, Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann) running the Mexican connection, and Chepe Santacruz Londono (Pepe Rapazote) running the business in New York. These 4 kings run their business like a Fortune 500 company just with more violence and bribery.

Netflix Narcos Season 3

In season 3 of Narcos Pedro Pascal returns as Javier Pena, with the death of Pablo Escobar DEA has turned their attention towards eradicating the Cali Cartel from its roots.

“Try to go through the Cali bosses, all you’ll get are more bodies,” Peña is warned. “These guys don’t make mistakes.”

The series has also added cast members Matias Varela, Michael Stahl-David, Miguel Angel Silvestre, and Arturo Castro.

Season 3 and 4 have already been confirmed by Netflix. Season 3 of the series will premiere on September 1.