Realme brings a gift from another planet for its fans, a unique trendsetting designer toy “realmeow”


12th December 2020 – Lahore, Pakistan: The world’s fastest-growing smartphone
brand, realme today announced its designer toy, realmeow. realmeow is the Chief
Trendsetting Officer to democratize trendsetting culture and showcase the diversified
personality of Gen-Z. As the 1 st designer toy launched by a tech company, realmeow
is the combination of both high-tech and trendsetting design. Coming from the
Trendsetting Planet, realmeow is of bold and street-style design, representing the
spirit of “Dare to Leap”. It is independent, breakthrough, fearless, and agile. What’s
more, its design is inspired by the cat.

Realmeow is co-designed by a world-famous animator, Mark A. Walsh. He is the
Directing Animator of Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Character Developer of Pixar’s
Monsters, Inc. He believes: “Characters start with passion and the obstacles they must
overcome to achieve that passion. It is what makes a great personality and identifiable
character.” Thus, he joined in realme Design Studio as the Creative Consultant to
create the trendsetting realmeow, who is also independent and fearless.

While designing both Mark and realme believed it should showcase the youth culture.
The cat is used as a model for this designer toy, a creature from Trendsetting Planet.
With yellow as the main color of its body, the designer toy wears a pair of black Lazer
Glasses. The glasses can transform any object with just a glance, making it sharp with
attitude and explosive with energy.

Realmeow is delivering the pursuit of the young for trends and unique personality, the
demand for fashion and quality. With the designer toy, realme will make all efforts to
exploring trendsetting culture with the youth. Plus, realme launched limited gift
packages of realmeow to celebrate the New Year with the youth worldwide.

Realme believes designer toy is an excellent medium for people to know and love the
trendsetting culture. Embodying the belief of ‘Dare-to-Leap’ and trendsetting culture,
realmeow will become a cultural identity among realme fans. realmeow is the
trendsetting partner for every realme fan, telling the world we Dare to Leap and Dare
to be realme.