PTCL NTP: PTCL is upgrading Network, Speed upto 100 Mbps with Better Uploads for Gaming Households

PTCL Fiber

On the 9th of November, PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) hosted a bloggers meetup at X2 Cafe in Lahore. The agenda of the meeting was to highlight the new awareness program that the company plans on launching. The Network Transformation Project (NTP) is looking to revitalize the scope of fiber optic and copper internet in Pakistan.

Shahzad Shah, Executive Vice President, PTCL, said, “Being a massive transformation effort from PTCL, NTP is an ongoing project under which 100 major exchanges across the country are being transformed.”

PTCL announced plans on giving a 100 of their prime exchanges an overhaul to provide better service and superior quality internet. The 100 exchanges comprise of prominent ones in major cities and they are expected to be at operational capacity by August 2019. Currently, 53 of the 100 exchanges have been upgraded in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Kharian, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi and Sialkot.

The main goal of the project is to provide high-speed internet upload & download to the consumer at home. Parents and kids can enjoy uninterrupted gaming and streaming experiences like never before. The new project aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity for up to 100 Mpbs at some unbeatable prices.

The network revision will utilize Google Display Networks (GDN) to reduce ping times during gaming and deliver better streaming experiences. In addition, consumers can expect newer devices to power the internet experience. Consumers will be given 100 mbps capable modems that are able to handle 16 users simultaneously. The company added that complaints have gone down 30% in the exchanges that have been revamped. PTCL is currently using Geofencing to provide the services to the upgraded areas.

PTCL General Manager Corporate Communication, Fariha Tahir Shah stated that consumer satisfaction has been and will still be top-priority for PTCL. The NTP aims to elevate the current level of customer satisfaction and reduce complaints to ensure the consumer stays with PTCL.

PTCL NTP vs Stormfiber vs Fiberlink vs Optix: Competition is Getting Tougher

PTCL has a lot of competition to catch up to when it comes to competing against other ISP’s offering internet speeds in the double digits without being too overbearing on the consumers pocket.

PTCL previously introduced their FTTH packages which introduced some competitive packages against these companies but customer retention proved to be an obstacle due to poor customer support. The company has made better customer support a monumental pillar of the Network Transformation Project.

The new project should help put each of these ISP’s toe-to-toe. It won’t be soon until all the ISP’s are on par with customer support and packages, offering a great increase in the quality of speed and connectivity in Pakistan with a broader range of options for the consumer. The only deciding factor will be area coverage paired with the price.