Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu can now run Super Mario Odyssey at 50-60fps

Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu
Super Mario Odyssey

Remember a little emulator for Nintendo Switch we talked about called Yuzu? That had just been launched a few months ago? The same emulator that was booting up DOOM? Well, now the Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu is running games like Super Mario Odyssey and One Piece at 50-60fps, details below.

Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu Running Super Mario Odyssey

Check out the footage for the game running at 50-60 FPS below

What’s most surprising is, that Super Mario Odyssey was running at 5-10fps 8 days ago, and only 4 days ago, it was struggling to keep up at 20-24fps, now the game after the recent update is able to pull off 50-60fps, the speed at which this emulation is progressing is insane and we’re excited to see how soon the entire game will be playable and if more Nintendo Switch titles can be emulated.

Though obviously, you can see from the video how they are prioritizing performance over visuals as everything appears to be in a different color contrast but in the case of One Piece, even the visuals are up to the mark and the game is totally playable. It won’t be long when we can even play Super Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, ARMS and all the other Nintendo Switch exclusive titles on PC.

Make sure to read about the new update for Dragon Quest X as well. We’re very excited to see more and more games announced for the Nintendo Switch on a daily basis and this Nintendo Direct was packed with so many indie titles that it’s going to be hard putting down the console given how many titles are coming in the upcoming months. You can read more about Yuzu on their Official site.

What do you think about the progress of the Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu? Have you personally tried it out yet? Share your results in the comments below