New Google Glass Explorers Top Questions

Google Glass
Google recently started a program for Glass owners to invite their three friends and they could explore Google Glass for free, this created much of an excitement for the explorers and for the owners too. With a new offer that Google provides is that they send the nominated people their Google Glasses directly on their door steps and offering a 45 minutes sessions through Google Hangout. After using this Gadget every excited users have some questions in his/her mind; though we picked up main question that are asked around the Globe and decided to answer then in order to resolve their queries.

Google Glass

The main Question that is being asked is can an iPhone user can have benefit of Google Glass, and the answer is absolutely Yes. Though they will be restricted to some of its feature, they couldn’t sent a SMS Message or turn by turn navigation. But still there are some of the thing that they can use. iPhone users can enjoy any app that needed a data connection, as long as your Glass is connected to Hotspot or with tethering plan they can exchange messages but via email. iPhone Glass users should use Google Search app in order to maintain their Google Now content shown up on their Glass.

As Google itself is an open source community and its main aim is to provide ease to Android users so this time Android users have a great lead on Apple users in term on using Google Glass. First off all Android users have to install MyGlass Companion app to take advantage of Glass that iOS users can’t. They introduced some of the new features to Glass the user don’t have to use Wi-Fi connection or a data connection service every time. Google updated the MyGlass app a while ago, adding a feature to the app to handle all data put through the app, instead of doing this through Bluetooth. Any Android device running an Android version of 4.0 or above can enjoy the luxury of Glass.

A few months back Google Glasses give ability to its users to take a photo or have a screenshot. This introduced features is known as Vignette and is simple to use. It just includes some basic steps.

  1. The Screen on the Glass needed to be on, it doesn’t matter which camera app is on at the moment.
  2. Then snap the button present on the Glass, and you can see the screen changing and will heard a shutter sound.
  3. Instead of swiping down to go to the main menu, tap on the touchpad to bring down the menu of camera.
  4. The first option you see will be the Vignette.
  5. Select it and watch your photo and apply the screenshot.

When it comes to social media, Google Glass also provide some of the best features to keep you entertain. This includes all notifications from Facebook,

tweets from Twitters, along with Tumblr. This service can be activated via MyGlass app. When it comes to twitter you will receive every tweet on Glass, you will receive all sort of direct messages and tweets from people you follow. The reason for this is that you have mobile alerts enabled for that account. With mobile alerts on for every social media site you can never miss anything.


Moving towards E-mail specially Google Mail, users always find trouble sending emails on Google Glass. It is simply because of the e-mail you are trying to send is not marked as important. Any Email marked as important in Gmail or Google App will be sent to Glass.