Microsoft Windows 10 Build 2015 Update Details: Android, iOS Apps and Continuum

Windows 10

Today Microsoft once again tried to change the way users are used to interact with their Phones and Computers. Microsoft Windows 10 is big step towards personal computing. From your Smartphone to PC and HoloLens, Microsoft Windows 10 will give an extraordinary and seamless user experience to users. Windows 10 is focused on providing uninterrupted personal computing by integrating PC, Windows Phones, Xbox and HoloLens through one OS i.e. Windows 10.

Microsoft announced Windows 10 few months back with Technical Previews to public to explore and find new enhancements and features in upcoming generation of Windows. Up till now many testers have downloaded and installed windows 10 which is helping Microsoft in enhancing quality and eliminating bad user experience.


At buid2015 developer’s conference, Microsoft announced continuum that will transform your Windows 10 Phone into Desktop. When you connect your Windows Phone to larger display and provide mouse and keyboard your Windows 10 phone will adapt to the new screen providing you extra space for computing. This is alternative to Apple’s Continuity feature that provide seamless transition from iPhone, iPad and Mac. Continuum can be a major tool for a Microsoft to compete in market. It will be available for future Windows 10 phones. This means we should expect upcoming Windows Phones to be more powerful than ever.


Moreover, you can now run Android Apps and iOS App on Microsoft Windows 10 with little tweaking. Developers can port and run their Android and iOS apps directly on Windows 10 using new Visual Studio 2015. So what do you think about upcoming Windows 10? Share your thoughts via comments below.