Microsoft Smartwatch rumored to be compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Microsoft SmartWatch

Lately we have seen many smartwatches in market. We have seen the Samsung Gear, Google Gears and now rumours on Microsoft Smartwatch.  Yup something like that is being expected from Microsoft from a long long time. What we have seen till now in smartwatch is that they are having a sleek design, fitness features, removable straps, and power to connect to the old versions of the smartphones.

Microsoft SmartWatch

Reports tell that the new Microsoft Smartwatch will be capable of working with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. The device would continuously work day and night and measure your heart rate at every moment. Well besides these there are no promises when the Microsoft Smartwatch will be launched exactly. But it could arrive as early as this summer with two days of battery life.

Well if you can guess who is will be working on the smart gears of Microsoft? It is none other than one of the Xbox experts who will be bringing such a Smartwatch to life. Father of Kinect Alex Kipman will be working on the wearable project and will customize Windows to run on small screens. Former head of Microsoft Julie Larson Green last year in a conference mentioned that wearable is the future of Microsoft and it is all happening now.

The Big Three are again on track to compete once again. Android wearable would be coming in few months and Apple is going to announce their wearable’s in this fall. So to keep going up in the race Microsoft has to compete hard as they are new to this Gear.

What are your Expectations on the Wearable Gears of Microsoft? Would any one try the combination of two different companies, one on wrist and one in pocket? What features you would be looking upon?