hTC One M8 where Power and Elegance meets


Let’s take it a year back, when hTC was at its downfall and nothing looked right for it. Then something happened, a miracle! That miracle was the HTC One. The phone which was phrased as “beauty with brains”. Now comes the HTC One M8, a phone powered to limits and designed to a premium feel.


The HTC One M8 has been updated in every nook and corner. Not only has it upgraded its hardware but the design, the feel, everything now feel much better (except for the name).


As you may have guessed from the introduction, the phone has a very premium feel. Ranging from the hardware to its looks.

The Company took a great deal of not letting the people down. And it is successful in achieving that goal. The HTC One (M8) is next-version of the HTC one. By that I mean that the HTC One (M8) a replica of the HTC One, more or less. The most significant change is the metal coating which has been upgraded from 70% to 90%, precisely. And also the back and edge curves of the phone.


Holding the phone is a pleasant experience, all together. Now let’s talk about the hand-feel of the HTC One M8. The phone is relatively larger than its predecessor, reason being the 5 inches screen. And also the speakers, but both of them are worth the design.


On the other hand the 3.5 mm jack goes at the bottom along with the charger. Which does make it difficult to use the phone while listening to music in portrait. But here’s the big thing! The HTC One (M8) comes along with an additional space for the micro SD card.

The top of the phone consists of the power button which is easy to access. To add to the plastic-metal discussion, the top of the phone is made of plastic to support the antenna and the infra-red control for multimedia devices.


Blinkfeed of the HTC One (M8) has been a pleasure. There are updates in the blinkfeed too. Now accessing your favorite topics is easy as compare to the blinkfeed which landed with the hTC One.


Battery Consumption:

Another great news is that the HTC One (M8) packs a 2600mAh battery as compared to its predecessor, which consisted of a 2300mAh battery. Not only that, but under-the-hood, the HTC One (M8) has been powered by the Snapdragon 801, which combined with the 2600mAh battery is a very good combination to save battery.


The camera on the phone has greatly been improved from its precursor. Although the megapixels are same but the quality of the camera has gone up a notch.

Interface and Tap-to-Wake:

The interface of the hTC One M8 is as good as the hTC One. The Android 4.4.3 works as a charm on the phone. All improvements have been made to better the under-the-finger experience of the user.

Now HTC has always been strong on the lock screen part of the interface. Same goes with the HTC One M8. The phone allows third party applications on its lock screen seamlessly.

Another great feature of the hTC One M8 is tap-to-wake. More like the feature in LG’s G phones. The tap-to-wake features allows you to wake and turn off the phone just by double tapping on the screen. Just like the power button, but this is more convenient as you don’t have to search for the power button now and then.



Apart from the double tap feature there are 4 more features of its locked screen. Which are:

  • Swipe left to go to homescreen
  • Swipe right to go to Blinkfeed
  • Swipe from the HTC logo to up to initiate the last app you were using
  • Swipe from above to initiate voice call



The performance of the phone is just flawless. As mentioned earlier, the phone powers a Snapdragon 801 processor along with a 2G.B ram on top of Android 4.4.3. Enough said!

Final Words:

The hTC One M8 is a spectacular phone with great looks and performance. Not only that, but the camera is also a pleasure to use. Although the direct competitors such as the Galaxy S5, the iPhone 5s and the LG G2 may be better in some areas of the phone but none beats its premium look and design.