How to upgrade a game’s Nvidia DLSS version

Sometimes a downgrade can be an upgrde too

Nvidia’s technology called Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS for short, has already made it into the gaming world with its benefits of improving your performance in games. Instead of forcing you GPU to render higher resolution frames from scratch, it uses a neural network to predict what the frame should look like. The neural network is trained by an Nvidia supercomputer. This gives it correct frames from certain games that helps it to learn how to generate extra pixels accurately. By reading this further, you can see how to change your games DLSS version by downloading different versions of the Nvidia DLSS DLL.

In the starting versions of DLSS (1.x versions), DLSS did a terrible job, where performance was achieved, but at a terrible cost to quality. It wasn’t supported by many games either which made things worse. However, after DLSS 2.0 (and newer), it provided near native resolution quality while still giving better performance. But what if you’re playing a game that is stuck on an older version of DLSS and the developers haven’t yet updated the game to use the newer version? For e.g. your game still runs on DLSS 2.1 when the newer DLSS 2.2 is out. In this guide, we will tell you how to force the game to the new update.

How to use the Nvidia DLSS DLL

If you click over here, you will be able to download the various versions of Nvidia’s DLSS DLL. Simply choose the verrsion that you want to download and you will have a zip file. In the zip file you will find the the relevant DLSS DLL that is interchangeable with that of your game. Just remember that DLSS 2.x files are not interchangable with DLSS 1.x versions.

  • Extract the nvngx_dlss.dll from the zip file.
  • Go to the relevant game’s installation folder whose DLSS version you want to upgrade.
  • Find the file named nvngx_dlss.dll and make a copy of it to back it up in case anything goes wrong.
nvidia dlss dll screenshot 1
nvidia dlss dll screenshot 2
  • Then you can safely replace it with the file that you downloaded.
  • All files are digitally signed with NVIDIA’s signature, so you can be sure they are unaltered. If you run into any problems in the game, then you can easily put back your original DLL file that you backed up earlier.


If you face any issues with replacing your original DLL file with the latest version of the DLL, then you can try out other versions too before restoring the original file. The download link has numerous DLLs of different releases. You can even downgrade to an older version if your game is currently having performance issues with the latest one. Let us know in the comments below if this guide helped you. You can check out our other guides related to Nvidia DLSS over here: