How to fix the Genshin Impact Stuck during gameplay issue on PC

Genshin Impact stuck gameplay
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is easily one of the biggest releases of the year, managing to make millions on a daily basis. It is a Gacha title from the Chinese developers miHoYo. It is available on a variety of platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, and even mobile devices like Android and iOS. Now, for the most part, the game runs fine across all platforms, and the performance is surprisingly smooth. However, if you are on PC, and are running into the Genshin Impact Stuck during gameplay problem, here is how you can fix it.

We have covered Genshin Impact in detail, and have pretty much covered every major technical problem you can run into. This doesn’t mean the game has a wide variety of technical issues, but just that the support from the developers is pretty smooth. Now, obviously, things can be better, but given the live-service nature of the game, technical issues can be a bit common with new updates.

Genshin Impact stuck during gameplay and how to fix it

Some PC users have reported that sometimes the game freezes in a singular location, and the character isn’t even in view. Players can’t access the map, or even open the party menu. Restarting doesn’t seem to fix it either, and it can cause a bit of confusion as to why this is happening.

You can however, fix this, and the steps aren’t that complicated either. If you are stuck in the game, and can’t seem to do anything about it, follow the steps below.

  • Open Windows Run, by either pressing the Windows + R keys together or simply searching for it in Windows Search
  • Here, type down appdata and press Enter, as shown below
Genshin Impact stuck gameplay
Windows Run
  • Now, open both Local and Locallow folders, and delete the miHoYo folders
  • Relaunch the game

This will clear your local Genshin Impact cache, and the game will start running normally again.


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Now, unlike many other free-to-play titles, the amount of content each update brings is actually quite impressive, and despite all that, the game is making a remarkable amount of money. This shows that the core gameplay, monetization, and the visuals are good enough for players to invest in the game. We will see how Genshin Impact fares in 2021, but if they maintain the quality of content througout the year, it will be continue making millions.

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