PS3 Games on PC Running in 4K via RPCS3: Haze, Afro Samurai and Armored Core V

PS3 Games on PC
Afro Samurai

RPCS3 is taking the emulation scene by a storm, the emulator has made over 967 games playable and over 1192 are in-game. Now you can play more popular PS3 Games on PC including Afro Samurai, Haze and more, check out the details below.

PS3 Games on PC running at 4K

If you have been following TheNerdMag, you’ll know that we have previously covered games like God of War: Ascension, Resistance and The Last of Us, but all of these are pretty much just running and in-game at the moment, however, the games that are totally playable from start to end, now include the hit game Afro Samurai and Haze, check out the gameplay videos below

and for Afro Samurai

Would you look at that, it’s amazing how far emulation has come, in literally months, we have so much of the PS3 library running on this emulator without any massive issues, and not just at 30/60fps at 4k.

Now it’s a known fact, that emulation itself is a very demanding thing, you need a decent CPU especially, to even think about emulating these games, despite their outdated visuals and technicalities, this is still an entirely different software architecture that you are emulating on your computer, which these games aren’t made for.

Which is why in these gameplay videos and other videos, you’ll see how the uploaders have very heavy setups, that have at least a decent i5 or i7.

Of course, that doesn’t suggest that this won’t be fixed at some point, it is the cycle of emulation, as the software improves, even lower end PCs will be able to run these games properly, but how long that will take, is unknown for now, but if I were to guess, it’s not that far away, considering how fast this is going.

What do you think about these games running at 4k? Let us know in the comments below and share your results if you have done emulation before