Google unveils Project Tango i.e. 3D Mapping Phone


Mobile World Congress 2014 seems to have captured most of the tech fans today. We are just a day far from the Event and the speculations have gone to the TOP. But meanwhile, we have got a big news from Tech Giant Google. The day before yesterday i.e. 20th Feb, Google unveiled Project Tango i.e. 3D Mapping Phone. The project aims to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion. The users can now map the world around them as they moves the phone.


Let’s go a bit inside this Project Tango. Project Tango is basically a product though not the final one by Google’s Advanced Technology and Product group (ATAP) leaded by Johnny Lee. Project Tango is basically a prototype phone loaded with motion sensors, cameras and processors. Motion sensors varies from the sensors in other smartphones as they are ‘depth sensing sensors’. The prototype is a 5-inch phone with 4MP camera, 3D motion tracking camera and two processors. The two processors make the rendering of 3D images possible. The phone will be powered by Android OS, can be a new one. It includes the Unity Game Engine loaded with developer tools like APIs etc.


Project Tango is just in early stages at the moment and the final product is not out there. But yet, Google has also brought some of its applications hence to build interests of the people. The phone can help you in taking certain measurements of your house before you go for furniture shopping. The project will help you in making well-measured interiors of the house. It is definitely going to be something of great interest for gamers. It may become the beginning of next generation of reality games. With its depth sensing sensors, the acquired data can be used in development of reality games.


This video tells the rest:

When will it be coming to the market? This question or some like that will definitely be in your mind after reading the post. Well, the project is still in development stage today. But Google has announced to send 200 development kits of the product by March 14, 2014. The development kits will be for developers who will make full use of the phone’s capabilities hence taking technology forward. The developers can be from fields like mapping/navigation, gaming, algorithm designing etc. For its public release, we need to wait as you will definitely not want to have this device without any apps.

Source: GoogleATAP