Spotify now gives you three months of premium services for 99 cents only


Spotify has undoubtedly changed the music industry forever. You dont need to pay money to enjoy the basic services of Spotify,  but there are a lot of advantages to upgrade to Spotify premium. Spotify is now giving you its premium services for less than a dollar now.

Spotify is  now giving you its premium services for 3 months only for 99 cents. It means you can now get three months of uninterrupted and ad free service under a dollar. Spotify premium has some advantages over free service. Free service only allows you to listen the music when connected to internet which means there is no offline listening. And it also shows you ads. And the free version plays songs no more than 128kbps. But the premium service lets you download and play the tracks offline. It is ad free and it plays music at 320kbps which means it will give you much better sound quality than the basic free service.


This offer is available for new users only, So if you are already paying for the service, you are out of luck.

Don’t waste the opportunity to get the offer. To compare, Spotify premium is available at $9.99/month. So this is a pretty incredible deal and you will not like to waste the opportunity.