Gamestop Premium Pass Launched, Details and Rules Explained

Gamestop Premium Pass

GameStop has just launched GameStop Premium Pass that can be had for 60€. GameStop has been at the forefront of gaming for a long time, we have all heard the jokes where GameStop employees seem to lowball your up-for-sale used game and consoles. Now, the gaming retailer has announced something slightly different, however, I am afraid it is only for the European market currently. Let’s see how it works.

Gamestop Premium Pass Launched, Details and Rules Explained

This is how it works. Basically, you will pay 60€ which will grant you an immediate 25€ discount on a used game. Then you have 10 tickets, each one grants you the access to a used game, with a minimum price of 25€, which you can get for 10€ by trading in another used game, with a value of 25€.

This doesn’t sound too bad, does it? However, do note that you need to pay 50€, if you have a level 3 car, or 60€, with level 1 and 2, in advance, yes you basically get 25€ back if you purchase another game, but you still “gift” to Gamestop the remaining 25/35€ and you need to add 10€ each time you want to get another game (plus the game you are trading in).

Gamestop Premium Pass

You don’t have to say it, I know this is a lot of math and confusion. Here is what the official website describes the process as,

  • Purchase the Premium Pass and, in the same transaction, use the credit to purchase a used game for at least € 24.98.
  • Then bring a game to the store (with a minimum retail price of at least € 24.98 for the used version) and use one of the 10 tickets to buy a used game for only € 10
  • Repeat for another 9 times and use the remaining tickets to buy used games!
    Remember: regardless of the price of the games to buy, the ticket will allow you to pay them for only € 10!
  • You have until February 1, 2020, to use all 10 tickets

If it makes sense to you and you are interested you can head over here and purchase it.

The official website also states,

Premium Pass available only in the store (at any point of sale) from 11 April to 29 May 2019.
The service is reserved for GameStop + owners and valid for the purchase of used PS4, Xbox One and Switch games.
After purchasing the Premium Pass, in the store, you will find the vouchers in your reserved area of ​​the site (only 1 voucher usable 10 times), you will have to show it at the cash desk to be able to take advantage of the promotion.
The PS4 / Xbox One / Switch game reported must have a minimum retail price of at least € 24.98 and must include a case and booklet. Some restrictions may apply. Ask for clarification at the cash desk.
Vouchers usable by 01/02/2020

Let me know in the comments if GameStop Premium Pass interests you or not.