RUMOR: From Software’s Next Game Shadow’s Die Twice Massive Leak From 4Chan

From Software’s next rumored game, Shadows Die Twice has just had a massive info dump on 4chan, and while the site isn’t one of the better sources of information, it has had its moments with leaking games and entire consoles ahead of time. Take it how you will, but it seems that Shadow’s Die Twice or whatever the final name of the game could seem like a breath of fresh air for the genre.

Keep in mind, this is still a massive rumor and as such we encourage massive grains of salt.

The game will be souls like in gameplay and atmosphere, but also different by being a lot more open, not having the clear level/Boss design and a more directly told story. 

-it will appear at E3 with a full length trailer and some gameplay -it will draw inspiration from both Bloodborne and Fromsoftware’s old Ps2 game Kuon 

-gameplay is similar to Bloodborne, but more vicious and brutal. It's a bit less wild, but still fast. Kinda like a combination of Nioh/Bloodborne. 

-there are skills in this game, including different melee moves, passives and magic. It wont have endless skill trees and the skills wont be big flashy diablo style attacks, just new moves and abilities. 

-trick weapons make another appereance, but aren't called trick weapons. Some weapons have 3 forms, others have 2 and there are many weapons that are always 2 handed or 2 part, as there are no side arms or shields. 

-the story will be centered around an ancient cult, that has been using farmers for their dark rituals since hundreds of years. As they fear the end of the world, they sacrifice peopla at their shrine of blood and experiment on people. Many of the creatures will be the result of the experiments. It remains unclear for most of the game, whether the cult is really evil or knows more than everyone else. Only a few members are still alive, as the rest has mysteriously vanished.

-you start the game as a heavily maimed and disfigured person at the edge of death. You are saved by a mysterious leader who gives you a new face (character creation) and replaces your missing arm. -the right arm and it will be replaced by an multifunctional device, which serves as a prothetic arm most of the time, but can also be used a some kind of grappling gun to reach higher levels 

-the game will take in a dark fantasy world, resembeling ancient Japan. 
-the game will heavily draw from Japan mythology with a horror twist. It will not completely based on mythology and still include many original ideas. 
-there are no shields, but you can block and counter with your weapon. 
-every weapon has a unique counter ability 
-enemies will often loose limbs or there heads in combat. Some enemies will spawn parasites from ther beheaded selves, somewhat like Resident Evil 4. 
-you can climb in the game -some enemie designs and the atmosphere really resemble a modern Kuon in parts, but it has nothing to do with this game or will play anything like it. Expect one easter egg. 
-most of the game will take place in rural places, but there will be a bigger city to explore later
-the game is more open world than the previous titles, but not fully like Skyrim. It offers multiple inter connected levels, that are much larger with multiple possible paths that give the game a lot

While From Software has built a name for itself with a massive library in the Souls series and a single entry with Bloodborne, the studio has helped build the genre from the ground up inspiring many other games to follow its styles such as Code Vein and other games that have adopted the style of combat, look and other elements of these games that make them unique.

While we will have to wait till E3 to find out conclusively, if at all, whether From Software is indeed making something new to the series, it is going to be a heck of a wait for fans of the genre and whether or not all of the above is fact or fiction.

While we can’t be sure that Shadows Die Twice is the real name, we do know that From Software has been hard at work as of late, so whether or not this is a new souls-like game is still up for debate, could be something entirely new possibly.

The following info is courtesy of Zombie Fred on ResetEra forums.

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