Fractured Lands Game Features, Beta Signup and Download Details

Here is the latest news on The Fractured Lands Beta version features and how you get to play it.

This summer a new battle royale game “Fractured Lands” is coming out but with a crazy new theme unlike you have ever experienced before. The game revolves around the post-apocalyptic theme with characters having funny Mohawks and skull jewelry. You will also get to see torn up rough and improvised weapons and far fetched versions of luxury cars.

fractured lands beta

The game clearly seems to be inspired from Mad Max as seen from the broken down rusty vehicles ,scraped and overused weapons, dusty and sandy dry lands, weird character designs with chains around their necks and the sand storm with hurricanes and lightening. But overall it is a great theme to go for since no one else did.

The game also focuses more on the vehicles. Here the vehicles are more like your custom built weapons. You can upgrade vehicle armor and performance giving it huge speed boots or great durability based on your tactics.

Here is How You Can Get Access to Fractured Lands Beta

The game will  be out in summer however the beta versions of the game will be tested on weekends on June 8, June 22 and June 29. You can simply register to take part in these beta tests at the official website.

Features of Fractured Lands Beta Test Versions

  • The Game will be featuring the “Last One Standing” mode which is obvious to expect from the game. There will also be many solo and team-based modes.
  • It is a first person shooting and basic alpha melee combat.
  • Many interesting cars will be available to the players including classic muscle cars and trucks.
  • The vehicle specific pickups will include repair kits and fuel containers.
  • The vehicles can also be upgraded through attachments.
  • Vehicle attachments can give you armor, enhance driving performance.
  • A storm survivor specific armor, gear and gas masks help you survive for longer period of time in the storm.
  • 7 post-apocalyptic weapons along with many more to come later in different categories.
  • Many weapon attachments will be compatible with most of the weapons.

Known Issues with Fractured Lands Beta

  • The environment variety and environment objects are still under the process of testing.
  • The game’s beta version is being tested for smaller audience and count will be increased later on.
  • The performance from the client’s side is not yet optimized and will be done through beta testing.
  • Many advanced features of the inventory are still a work under progress.
  • The sound still needs to be balanced and further implementation will be done through beta testing.
  • Some features of te map including zooming and pinching are still under development.
  • Much of the front end of the game is under construction and much of the presentation features are temporary.

Features not Implemented in Fractured Lands Beta Version

  • Player progression
  • Custiomization of player
  • Customization of vwhicle
  • More vehicles
  • More vehicle attachments
  • Tactical ammo like explosive spikes