Epic Store Launcher Offline Mode Coming Soon, Confirmed by Tim Sweeney

Epic Store

Epic store just announced that they are apparently working on an offline launcher which will work without internet to compete with the competitor Steam. The Tweet was made when a person named Jan Olsen pointed out to Epic for unable to release an offline version of their gaming platform.

Epic Store Launcher Offline Mode Coming Soon

Here are the details of the tweet,

So, there you have it folks, according to Tim Sweeney:

“We’re working to make the Epic Games store work offline. Launching online-only was the result of our decision to use a dynamic web based framework to build the store, with the unfortunate side effect that supporting offline requires further work.”

This could also mean Epic is getting better and better to give some serious challenge to Steam. So far, Steam has an upper hand but it will be interesting to see Epic giving Valve a serious headache which will happen soon enough the way Epic is working on the Epic store. Despite getting a weak reception I believe they have what it takes to take directly on Steam.

Tim also mentioned that they will implement better viewing options when the game catalog grows larger. IOn the other hand, Epic does not plan to add any “game-shaped features” similar to Steam’s trading cards designed to drive sales. What do you guys think about Epic I think it will surely take time but they will get there at some moment in life.