EaseUS Master Partition: Upgrade Hard Drive to new SSD without data loss

EaseMaster Partition Master Hard Drive

Technology is changing rapidly and with that our current computer hardware is getting old so quickly. Luckily Hard Drive is the one thing of Laptops as well of Desktops can be upgraded or replaced easily with a newer one. SSD are now becoming part of daily usage as their production is getting cheap and technology is enhanced. Major problem for the most of the home computer users are they their hard drive gets full easily with Pictures, Video and Music due to high definition.

Source: http://www.easeus.com/tutorial/epm-free-user-guide.html

Luckily, we can get new bigger hard drives or SSD for our computers and can replace them with old ones. But that has one drawback, you will lose most of your data and OS configuration settings while doing so which is bit problematic. EaseUS Partition Master in that case can help you easily change or upgrade your hard drive data to new drive without losing any data or installing Operating System again.

It can help you easily move your current OS configuration or attach new SSD with the current hard drive without formatting anything. You can only move your OS partition and programs to the new SSD so that you can work or play quickly. By doing this you will be able to keep your current less frequently accessed data such Picture, Documents, Movies or Songs to the older drive.

EaseUS partition Master
Source: http://www.easeus.com/tutorial/epm-free-user-guide.html

EaseUS Master Partition, can also help you recover your deleted hard drive partition or even manage partition USB or portable storage. You can easily partition flash drive using EaseUS Master Partition. It supports variety of OS such Windows 8, 10, Server Edition etc and is available to download for free. You can visit their website to get more information about this and download it for your own personal use.