Dropbox and Microsoft Integration is now Live in Mobile Apps


Microsoft partnered with Dropbox earlier this month to allow their users to use the mobiles apps working together. The integration between Dropbox and Microsoft is now live.

You can now access your Dropbox from Microsoft Office and edit the Office files live in your Dropbox. The latest Dropbox app for iOS and Android lets you edit any app within the Dropbox. The file will be opened in latest Office app, the changes to file will be saved to your Dropbox right away.

Dropbox and Microsoft

Moreover you’ll be able to open the Office documents in Dropbox without any external app. And if you try to edit the office file you are viewing and you don’t have any Office app installed, Dropbox will prompt you to get the appropriate app for that file.

The new features wil take some time to roll out to all users. You may have to wait for some time to see these features on your device.