Download PUBG Mobile 0.8.6 Chinese APK for Android and iPA for iOS

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We have previously covered updates for Player Unknown BattleGrounds Mobile version 0.7.1. Once again, China is the first to get the new PUBG update. We will show you how to download PUBG Mobile 0.8.6 version in this article.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.8.6 APK / iPA

For Android Users:

  1. Download the APK file from this link.
  2. Go to Security settings and enable Installations from Unknown Sources.
  3. Go to FileExplorer and click on the downloaded APK.
  4. Install the APK and enable permissions.
  5. Download additional data.

For iOS Users:

Simply go to the App store and download the update.

What’s New in this PUBG Mobile Chinese Light Speed Update?

Here is a list of everything new in update 0.8.6:

[Version update content] 
1. The new rainforest map "Sano" is open, players can select the rainforest map to match in the map selection. 
2. Add new firearms, accessories and throwing objects: 
1) Add QBZ assault rifle, use 5.56mm bullets, randomly refreshed in the rainforest map; 
2) Add a signal gun, fire the signal to the sky, call the super in the white circle Airdrop, the white circle can be summoned bulletproof UAS jeep, will be placed in the classic mode for a limited time; 
3) new accessories: duck mouth muzzle, S1897 and S12K available, greatly reducing the vertical distribution of shotgun bullets, increase horizontal distribution; 
4) Add apple throwings for use only in the birth square; 
3. Add the “Season Archives” function, which can be accessed in the in-game season interface to view the data of the previous season. 
4. Added in the battle, the costumes worn by the player can be set to be visible only to themselves and teammates, and the switch settings are made in the warehouse interface. If the upper switch is checked, the enemy in the battle will only see its default image; 
5. Add the vehicle: bulletproof UAS jeep and muscle sports car. 

[S3 new season update content] The 
following content will be opened with the start of the S3 season. Please refer to the in-game notice for the specific opening time of the S3 season: 
1. Add a new party season of “passionate summer”. After the season is turned on, players can go to participate in passion parties. 
2. Added "Season Pass" system. Throughout the season, players can earn a season pass badge, improve pass levels, and receive rich rewards by completing weekly challenges, season challenge missions, and participating in operational activities. 
3. The “segment reward” system was adjusted, and the original season rewards moved to the season challenge, and the completion conditions remained unchanged. 
4. Add a season treasure chest, players can get a treasure chest every day in the season interface, the higher the highest position, the better the treasure chest reward. 
5. With the addition of guns, players can change their guns in the gun magazine.
6. Add "new boot camp" system 
1) New players enter the game, you can enter the boot camp, and you can get various rewards for completing the tasks in the boot camp within 7 days. 
2) Players with existing characters can also complete a training camp mission after landing the game and receive rewards. 

[More optimizations] 
1. Combat-related optimization 
1) Reduces the additive effect of the accessories on the lumbar spread; 
2) Adjusts the range of shotgun bullets, and the bullets are more densely distributed; 
3) The bullets can penetrate the water and hit The enemy under the water, but the damage will be a certain attenuation; 
4) The M24 sniper will be removed from the airdrop, and the map will be randomly refreshed, and the damage will be balanced and adjusted to 79 points; 
5) The negative effect of the light grip is removed. The effect is to greatly improve the stability of the shooting and improve the recoil recovery; 
6) Optimize the firing and rebound performance of the assault rifle and the shooter rifle; 
7) Optimize the performance of the red dot sight and the 8x mirror; 
8) Red dot, Hologram, 2x sight, 3x scope, added the ability to change the optical sight pattern and color; 
9) 3x mirror, 6x mirror can be set separately sensitivity; 
10) 6x mirror, 8x mirror zooming process The sensitivity is dynamically adjusted according to the sensitivity of the different multiples of the scope set by the player. If using 8x mirror to 4x magnification, the sensitivity of the 4x scope setting is applied; 
11) 6x mirror, 8x mirror zoom performance optimization, consistent with the end game performance; 
12) Increased the player inside the battle You can view the list of spectators; 
13) Automatic picking settings, new bullets, number of drugs, number of throws, etc.; 

2. Hall related optimization 
1) Players can choose their own play strategy before matching, so as to be more precise Match the player to a player similar in your style of play;
2) Time-limited clothing can also be disassembled, the decomposed reward is gold coin; 
3) Optimize the animation during batch decomposition; 
4) Optimize the display of the warehouse panel, and hide other main interface buttons when opening the warehouse panel; 
5) Modify the settlement interface, Increase the image display of yourself and teammates; 

[Bug fix] 
1. Fix the problem that some vehicles are too prone to drift in some sections; 
2. Fix the problem that the armor UI is not refreshed in time; 
3. Repair the first person perspective The action can cause the problem of seeing through the wall; 
4. Fix the problem that the range of the field of view of the character is limited in 
some states ; 5. Fix the problem of the abnormal jitter after the opening of Groza in some states; 
6. Fix the interval of the M16A4 with the launch rate Long problems; 
7. Fixed other known issues;

PUBG Mobile developer Tencent is supporting the game as required to optimize the experience as much as possible on Mobile Phones with new maps, bug fixes and more.

PUBG Mobile is supported with iPhone 5s and above with software version, 9.0 or later with iPhone 6 recommended for optimal performance. For Android, players should ensure that the version of Android is 5.1.1 Lollipop or later with at least 2 GB of RAM.

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