Download Microsoft Surface Go Stock Wallpaper for your PC

Microsoft Surface Go is the newest addition to the Surface Family. But there is a major difference. Microsoft Surface Go is really cheap and you can get hands on its base model for as less as $399. While keeping in mind the price, the performance is also compromised. This model of Microsoft Surface Go has 4GB of RAM, 64GB of slower eMMC storage, and a less powerful Intel Pentium Gold processor.

Microsoft Surface Go – The Most Affordable Surface Yet?!

Making it unfit for professional users. Due to this huge sacrifice, a question arises. Why introduce Surface Go? Most of the people cannot afford high-end PCs like the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, but they still want a Surface. Simply because of the name it has established over the years. The new Surface Go has been targetted towards less power optimizing users. It has been released to give competition to products like the iPad Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Amazon Fire HD 10.

Official Microsoft Surface Go Stock Wallpaper:

Although the new Surface Go has its issues, the awesomeness of its wallpapers cannot be denied. So here’s the Stock Surface Go Wallpaper in the resolution, 2048×1152 pixels.

Microsoft Surface Go Stock Wallpaper