How to disable SpringBoard rotation on the iPhone 6 Plus?


iPhone 6 Plus enables the users to rotate in the landscape mode when on the SpringBoard. For some users, the feature is quite useful. But well, it’s quite annoying for other users. Now, such users can disable the SpringBoard rotation for their iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks to a jailbreak tweak named ‘Notate’ that does the job for you!

Once installed, Notate will disable the SpringBoard rotation. There are no settings and options for the tweak. The tweak will keep the rotation capability on for other apps. The tweak will not be affected by Rotation Lock toggle in default Settings app. Hence, the tweak is just related to SpringBoard.

So, if you don’t want SpringBoard rotation but still want other apps to rotate, this tweak is your solution. It is simple and lightweight. The tweak is available for FREE at Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

So, go and download this handy tweak to do the purpose!