Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace Update and Trailer Out Now

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace
Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace is a free update that has been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A new trailer for the update is also out now.


Devil May Cry 5 was released this past month and the game has done exceptionally well. The game has proved to a be a hit among fans and critics alike and now we have a new update that introduces a survival mode which pits you against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies and bosses whilst racing against the ticking timer.

You can Play as Dante, Nero, or V in Bloody Palace Mode through multiple levels of enemies and truly test your SSStylish skills.

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace Update and Trailer Out Now

It is highly commendable that Capcom released this new update in less than a month after the game was released. However, some fans have shown reservations against Vergil not being a playable character in the new update.

Moreover, according to the response on social media, it seems like many were hoping for a coop mode more fervently than anything else.

The free update is out now on all platform and can be downloaded. Below is the trailer for the new update

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace:

The comments under the trailer show how much people want a coop mode and the addition of Vergil to the list of playable characters. Who knows, maybe in future Capcom will tend to these requests. For now, enjoy the new update and let me know in the comments how you feel about Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace.