Detective Pikachu For Nintendo Switch Announced, Sequel to the 3DS Game

Detective Pikachu for Nintendo Switch
Detective Pikachu

The Pokemon press conference 2019 was underway moments ago and we have received some very exciting announcements so far. In addition to the Pokemon masters game that is coming to Android and iOS, the official Pokemon twitter handle also announced Detective Pikachu for Nintendo Switch.

The tweet only confirmed that plans for the game are underway. No additional information was provided sadly except for a brief description by the Pokemon Company.

Detective Pikachu For Nintendo Switch Announced

The original Detective Pikachu game was released on Nintendo 3DS back in 2016. The story of the game had ended in a cliff hanger and the Pokemon company has confirmed that Detective Pikachu for Switch console will continue where its prequel ended.

According to the Pokemon Company,

The release of the Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie has left fans wanting more of the famous Pokemon sleuth. The Pokemon Company announced today that Creatures Inc. has plans to create a new entry in the Detective Pikachu video game series, this time for Nintendo Switch. The original Detective Pikachu game for the Nintendo 3DS ended on a cliffhanger and this upcoming game will be a conclusion to that story.

Moreover, the response from the gaming community has been very welcoming. Nintendo Switch users couldn’t be happier now that a Detective Pikachu game is on its way to the console.

In addition to Nintendo Switch, a mobile game by the name of Pokemon masters was also announced for Android and iOS smartphones. You can read more about it here.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about the Detective Pikachu announcement for Switch. Excited?

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