Borderlands 3 Cracked by CODEX after 46 days of Release

Borderlands 3 Cracked
Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 came out last month on 13th September for PC and consoles. The game came out exclusively on the Epic Games Store, and now with Borderlands 3 cracked, pirates are already downloading it.

This has been one of the more longer cracking times for a game, and we’re sure that Gearbox have already made a good portion of their sales.

TheNerdMag does not support or advocate piracy in any way, though we do hold questionable views regarding DRM, so while we are sharing news regarding cracking, this in no way means we use or advertise said cracks.

Borderlands 3 Cracked by CODEX

Borderlands 3 has been officially cracked by the famous scene group CODEX and is now available on various torrent sites for people to download.

The scene group took their time with this version of Denuvo, and there are still a bunch of titles that still aren’t available despite being released for a while.

Denuvo Vs Piracy

Denuvo’s fight with piracy has been something amazing to witness, scene groups have managed to crack games literally 3 days from release with titles like Hitman 2.

However, at times pirates had to wait months and months for their favorite games to be available on torrent sites.

Various scene groups have joined hands in the fight against Denuvo, and new groups like FCKDRM are consistently working on new ways to counter the protection implemented by Denuvo.

Many games over the past few months have shown that performance without Denuvo has actually been better, especially in Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2.

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Borderlands 3 on Steam?

Borderlands 3 is currently only available through the Epic Games Store but will be available on Steam after 6 months of its release.