Cells At Work Season 2 TV Anime Announced!

Based on manga series by Akane Shizumu, the TV anime series, Cells At Work will be getting a new season. 

Cells At Work is a manga series by Akane Shuzumu, received a TV anime adaptation which aired from July 8, 2018 to September 30, 2018. March is such a huge month for TV anime sequels and new adaptations as well. Many popular shows which new seasons were highly anticipated will be getting new seasons or movie. Just recently Oregairu season 3, No Guns Life, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime season 2, Psycho-Pass season 3 and many more were announced. Just a few minutes ago, Re:Zero season 2 was also announced making March officially the best month for anime sequels and new adaptations and now fans will be getting Cells At Work season 2.

Cells At Work Season 2 Announced!

Hataraku Saibou or Cells At Work season 2 announced but when we do not know. As usual the details for the show like Cast, Staff and premiere date will be announced in a couple of days. In case you missed the show, here’s a basic synopsis and it is quite interesting,

Within the human body there is said to be approximately 60 million cells. White blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, macrophages, memory cells, killer T cells, natural killer cells, B cells, mast cells and many more!

All these different cells work tirelessly within the body, never resting for a moment, at any time willing to resist invading foreign entities like germs and viruses to the bitter end!

From Akane Shimizu, winner of Shounen Sirius’ Rookie of the Year Award, comes an informative tale about anthropomorphised cells!

Teaser Visual

Check out the teaser visual for the season 2 down below.

Cells At Work Season 2 teaser visual

If you’re wondering how many new sequels and new adaptations were announced, check out our recent anime articles and you will understand that March being the best month for anime fans is not an exaggeration. Did you like Cells at Work? Let us know what do you think about this.

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